Welcome to BUFF BodyWorks! We are passionate about KICKBOXING because the results are amazing! If you want to tone up, lose weight and transform your body, our classes are exactly what you've been looking for. What we have is unique. It will challenge you physically, it will engage you mentally, and it will change you forever.

This high intensity/low impact workout will save your joints and melt your fat. We use punching bags in our workouts, therefore, adding a resistance factor that aids in lean muscle mass. Lean muscle gives the body a toned look without being bulky and allows the body to burn more calories and fat all day long. Ask anyone who has been kickboxing and they'll tell you that hitting the bags also offers maximum stress relief!

With Kickboxing, you'll find that every class will give you a total body workout--head to toe--nothing left behind. The punching combinations work the upper body, the kicks work the lower body and through it all your abs are engaged and tight. Our Testimonials page is just a small glimpse at the results others have had with this awesome workout. Come into any class and you'll find members who have had to go out and buy new wardrobes, not once, but twice, because the transformation of their body continues and their dress size has decreased that significantly.
We love what we do and are thankful for the ability to share it with others. My incredible instructors, myself and the members can't live without it. If you'd like to come see for yourself, please feel free to come try a class for free. Before you know it, you too will Look Better in the BUFF!

Offering my best to you,

Shannan K. Buff